Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management

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This subject of Total quality management encompasses all aspects of business connected with TQM. Its key concepts are emphasis on management commitment; focus on the customer, involvement of all stakeholders associated with the firm, continuous improvement, treating suppliers as partners and performance metrics. The objective of this course is to give a global vision about the Total Quality Management concept, and the most important related ideas.

In this course you will be studying about evolution of total quality management, difference between total quality management & traditional approach, philosophy & concepts of TQM, five principles of total quality management, and continuous improvement through total quality management in an organization, origins of the quality management, contribution by Deming, Shewhart & Juran in total quality management.

You will be also learning about tools of total quality management, bench-marking system in TQM, quality assurance in 21st century, quality frameworks through total quality management, self-assessment quality indicators, strategy for implementing total quality management, successful total quality management implementation, total quality management and paradigms of public administration, contribution of total quality management through the theory of work performance etc. all these topics you will be learning under this course.

The course is designed for the one who is interested in learning the various aspects of total quality management. Total Quality Management (TQM) is an approach to improving the effectiveness and flexibility of business as a whole. TQM is regarded as an integration of various processes.

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