Success with Science Ahead-2

Success with Science Ahead-2

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Success  with ScienceAhead is the CCE version of the extremely popular ScienceAhead. The series has been designed, keeping all the sales and teacher’s feedback in mind. It incorporates all the CCE elements. All the chapters follow a specific structure which will aid the teacher in teaching these books. There are pointers like Mind Openers and FA questions to help the teacher in continuous assessment.


  • New! Lesson Objectives: Give an overview of the chapters and the topics covered.
  • Mind Openers: Introduce the topics in such a way as to arouse the child’s curiosity and interest. (Now in every chapter)
  •  The text: Carefully graded for difficulty. It follows the known-to-unknown approach to build concepts.
  • New! Text embedded FA questions: Help teachers to assess the student’s understanding of the topic while it is being taught to get immediate feedback on the level of understanding.  
  • You Know Now: Summarises the main topics of the chapter.
  • Exercises for Summative and Formative assessment: A wide range of activities have been included for Formative and Summative assessment, such as objective type, long and short answer questions. (Several new types of exercises added to widen the range)
  • MCQs: Help in timely assessment and also self assessment by the students.
  • Activities for Formative Assessment: Include a variety of activities—experiments, model making, research projects, field trips, making presentations and a special facility offered to students—the option of making websites as part of their projects (in classes 4 and 5).
  • HOTS: Help in enhancing student’s understanding, analytical and interpretation skills.
  • New! Life skills: Help students develop skills needed for everyday life such as looking after the environment, safety, staying fit with yoga and good eating habits, and sensitivity towards animals.
  • New! Scientists: Talks about the life and work of people who have contributed to the topic under study.
  • Internet links: Suggest sites for which students can find more information, conduct experiments and play games.
  • New! Two Summative Assessment papers are included in each book.
  • New! New words: Difficult words are glossed within the chapter.
  • New! Glossary is provided in the end for the technical words.

   Isbn  9788125044215
   Board  CBSE
   Standard  class2
   Binding  Paper Back
   Language  English


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