Quest Com/dcom Programming Tutor

Quest Com/dcom Programming Tutor

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Salient Features Learn directly from Yashavant Kanetkar and Asang Dani on your home PC. You can play the lecture of difficult concepts again and again. You can learn at your own pace at your convenient timings. No missed lecture, ever, as you would be able to play the CD any time. All the lectures remain with you for ready reference even in future. Very useful for examinations, viva-voce and interview preparations. Course Contents Procedural Programming OO Solution Classes and Objects.

The this Pointer Access Specifier and Constructor Function Overloading Types of Constructors Types Of Constructors OperatorOverloading C++ Program Organisation Containership and Inheritance Object Size Constructor Calls Types of Inheritance Polymorphism Virtual Functions More Virtual Functions Different Cases of Virtual Functions Linking Methods Dynamic Linked Libraries - I Dynamic Link Library - II Dynamically Linked Libraries Requirements of Modern Software Introductoin to COM Creation of COM Components Creation of COM Client Smart Pointers Using COM Components Intricacies of COM More COM Intricacies Scripting Client.

The Theme Component The Theme Client Using Standrad Interfaces COM Containment COM Aggregatoin Software Architectures ADO - I ADO - II ADO - III COM Transactions ActiveX Controls - Part I ActiveX Control - Part II ActiveX Controls - Part III ActiveX Controls - Part IV Calendar ActiveX Control - I Calendar ActiveX Control - II Calendar ActiveX Control - III Calendar ActiveX Control - IV Calendar ActiveX Control - V DCOM - Part I DCOM - Part II DirectX Family Animated Coins Moving Bear Direct3D Realistic 3D Rotating Pyramid Rotating Cube Texture Mapping Each pack contains 4 Quest Video Courseware CDROMs Unique Product Key Quest User Guide 1 PC System Requirements Windows 7 / Vista / XP SP2 / 2000 SP4 Windows Media Player 9.0 / 10.0 / 11.0 Color Monitor 1024x768 Internet Required

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