Portable Pathophysiology (Pb 2007)

Portable Pathophysiology (Pb 2007)

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Portable Pathophysiology is a full-color, comprehensive, carry-along, A-to-Z atlas that shows how more than 150 disorders can disrupt the human bodys equilibrium. Covering every body system, the unique two-page format provides text and a physiologic changes chart on the left page and full-color Anatomical Chart Company art with callouts on the right page. Charts are used in the text to link the pathophysiology behind signs and symptoms for each disease. Some of the topics included are depictions of heart failure, valvular disease, ARDS, asthma, lung cancer, pressure ulcer, stroke, AIDS, rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension, and more.

   Isbn  9781582554556
   Publisher  Lww
   Author  Lippincott Williams
   Published Year  2007
   Subject  Health &


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