Open Source Programming

Open Source Programming

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This course is for those who want to learn how to program in python. It is intended to suit a wide audience, though not for absolute beginners. This course is targeted towards people who already have basic in either python or any other programming language. This course takes in consideration that you already know what loops, conditions, statements and variables are. This course will take you through the following chapters Abstraction I and II, Exceptions in programs, Methods, properties and iterators, Standard Libraries and Python programming with Files. This will complete your intermediate training in Python Programming and how data structures are created and implemented in software’s. If you already know python, but other versions earlier than Python 3.0, then you can start with this course to upgrade yourself with necessary modules.

Some of the material in this course may be a bit difficult for an inexperienced programmer. However, once you start writing and practicing the examples in this course and writing your own codes based on these examples, then it will become quite practical for you to understand these terms. If you don’t understand some specific terms in the first bit, go through the tutorials again. Practice and Repetition are the keys to learning.

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   Duration  8 Hours
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Section 1: Learning about Abstraction & Functions

  • 1 What is Abstraction 09:00 - Through this video tutorial you will be learning Fibonacci numbers, creating compact codes
  • 2 Creating Function 08:56 - Through this video tutorial creating and calling own function, docstrings or documenting functions are taught
  • 3 Functions and Parameters 08:55 - Through this video tutorial you will be learning Functions, Parameters and Changing Parameters

Section 2: Understanding Data Structure Problems

  • 4 Data Structure Problem 07:31 - Through this video tutorial you will be learning about Modifying values and Data Structure problem
  • 5 Continuation of Data Structure Problem 10:08 - This video tutorial is the continuation of data structure problem


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