New Aster Work Book-2

New Aster Work Book-2

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New Aster is a course in English that addresses the growing need of students to acquire mastery over a language that is not their mother tongue. This course has been designed to teach language through the study of literature. The series has been planned on the premise that accuracy and eloquence need to go hand in hand. New language is presented contextually, helping students learn the forms of language using existing cognitive structures and language known to them. The focus on linguistic form and function leads to holistic language learning and a firm foundation in the target language.The coursebook contains fascinating, well-illustrated pieces of prose, poetry and drama to engage the interest of young learners. The linguistic elements presented in the coursebook are further exploited and practised in the workbooks.

   Isbn  9789332557482
   Board  CBSE
   Standard  class2
   Binding  Paper Back
   Language  English


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