Nature Of Perspective Management

Nature Of Perspective Management

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In this course of Nature of Perspective Management you will be studying different ways to think about understanding organization’s and approaches to managing the people who work within them. You will be studying different ways to think about understanding organizations and approaches to managing the people who work within them. A management perspective is important for a small-business owner who juggles many roles. At times, you focus on giving directions to people and supervising how they perform tasks. At other times, you build relationships among employees so they will perform as a team. How you view the management perspective depends on your understanding of the concepts of management and leadership.

This course will provide you the gist about the different aspects of running an organization in an appropriate manner. The course is designed for the management students in order to understand the approaches related to management. Through this course one can understand how to focus on improving the efficiency, productivity and output of employees as well as the organization as whole. Therefore this course will also enable you to understand and learn about what are the different levels of management, how management differs from an administration, what are the different nature of management, also learn how management is known as an art and profession.

These all topics will be covered under this course which will help you to understand the different traits of an organization. Through this course you will be also learning about developing skills in creative problem solving by learning some techniques based on systems theory, also learning how to use case studies and their analysis to better understand and apply the ideas you are studying, thinking more closely about an organization’s culture and how to use metaphors to better understand the way organization’s work.

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Section 1: Overview of Nature of Perspective Management

  • 1 Introduction to Perspective Management 08:28 Introduction to Perspective Management,Reading this chapter will help you do the following:
  • 2 Concept 07:13 Learn who managers are and about the nature of their work.
  • 3 Objective Of Management 09:11 Learn who managers are and about the nature of their work.

Section 2: Learning about Management Functions

  • 4 Management Vs Administration 04:00 Know why you should care about leadership, entrepreneurship, and strategy.
  • 5 Levels Of Management 12:40 Know the dimensions of the planning-organizing-leading-controlling (P-O-L-C) framework.
  • 6 Nature Of Management 10:53 Learn how economic performance feeds social and environmental performance.,Understand what performance means at the individual and group levels.

Section 3: Management as an Art & Profession

  • 7 Management as an Art 09:18 Create your survivor’s guide to learning and developing principles of management.
  • 8 Management as a Profession 07:41 Management As An Profession,Diagnostic Skills Of Management


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