Microsoft Powerpoint 2011 For Mac Users

Microsoft Powerpoint 2011 For Mac Users

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This course on PowerPoint will teach you all the tactics to become a pro in making any kind of presentations. By doing this course you will learn a lot of thing about how to give the best presentations you must have ever given. You will learn to make great professional and animated PowerPoint presentations. View Less . . . The course teaches you basic (From scratch) as well as advance (higher level) PowerPoint tools. In this course you will also learn great animation techniques which will help you make no. 1 presentations be it a business related or for training purpose. You will also learn how to add inbuilt as well as outside audio and videos In this you will learn how to add inbuilt as well as outside audio and hyperlink, to put Rolling Credits in a PowerPoint slide like you see it at the end of every movie, Make interactive diagrams for your presentation by learning how to rotate object with the help of animations, creating 3D objects using different tools and techniques. It is a very user friendly program and you will surely enjoy learning this. Some of the features of PowerPoint :- – Design templates and numerous fonts and editing techniques. – Different transition styles. – Various animation styles – Putting and editing pictures, audio and videos. – Smart art and diagrams, etc. What are the uses of PowerPoint? PowerPoint is used in various ways, some of which are listed below :- 1.Presentations 2.Tutorials 3.Games 4.Animation 5.Posters Target Audience :- – Students – Business Persons – Professionals – Analysts

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   Stream  MS Office
   Duration  3 Hours
   Course Validity  Lifetime
   Language  English
   Operating Software  Windows XP or higher


1. Introduction to Mac Power Point 2011

  • 1.1 Introduction Start
  • 1.2 Navigating Start
  • 1.3 Getting Started Start

2. Formatting a Presentation

  • 2.1 Layouts and slide master Start
  • 2.2 Using themes and inserting background

Start 3. Working with Text

  • 3.1 Adding text and formatting
  • 3.2 Text direction and adding bullets

Start 4. Adding Tables & Charts

  • 4.1 Adding and formatting a table
  • 4.2 Inserting and Formatting Chart

5. Working with Pictures

  • 5.1 Adding Drawings and Smartart
  • Start 5.2 Inserting Pictures And Formatting

Start 6. Animating

  • 6.1 Using Template With Animation Start
  • 6.2 Animation and Transition Effects

7. Checking of Presentation

  • 7.1 Checking your Presentation Start

8. Preparing & Sharing a Presentation

  • 8.1 Preparing for presenting Start
  • 8.2 Sharing Presentation Start

9. Inserting Audio & Video in a Presentation

  • 9.1 Inserting Audio Start
  • 9.2 Inserting Video Start

10. Advance features of Power Point

  • 10.1 Rolling Credits Start
  • 10.2 Rotating an Object on the hidden pivot Start
  • 10.3 3D Pictures


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