Job Hunting - How To Stand Out In The Crowd

Job Hunting - How To Stand Out In The Crowd

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A lot of people want to change jobs. They are competent, hardworking and excellent performers but unfortunately they do not get called for interviews. As a result they are forced to continue in their existing job leaving them unhappy and also limiting their pay packets. In this course we take a 180 degree view of how recruitment departments in large companies work to understand what a candidate can do to ensure that he/she stands out in the crowd of job seekers and increase his/her chances of being called for an interview. Success in getting, keeping, and advancing in a job depends 85 percent on soft skills and only 15 percent on technical knowledge and skills, according to three separate studies by Harvard University, the Carnegie Institute, and the Stanford Institute.

In today’s competitive global arena, knowing the rules of proper business etiquette and protocol is essential. If the necessary protocol is overlooked or misunderstood, a misstep may jeopardize business relationships. After attending this program, a participant will learn to Exercise proper business Etiquette, Build a consistent professional image with organization vision and mission, Influence negotiations with power image and relevant body language, Build good corporate relationships with your customers, Enhancing confidence in presenting yourself. Target Audience for this course are Entrepreneurs, Young Professionals, Senior Executives/ Managers across all Teams, Sales, Finance, HR, Operations, IT Professionals etc.

This course is specifically designed for those who want to polish their skills and improve their professional images. This course examines the basics, most importantly to be considerate of others, dress/appearance, the workplace versus social situations, business meetings, proper introductions and ’the handshake’, conversation skills/small talk, dealing with interruptions, and proper business email and telephone etiquette. Our course on Business etiquette will help your participants look and sound their best no matter what the situation. It is crucial to know how to make the best credible first impressions and effectively manage relationships across cultures.

The savvy executive must be able to explore new markets, develop opportunities worldwide. The first impression we give when we enter a room is in the basic form of how we look. We need to realize that the way we dress and project ourselves and the colors we wear are our initial form of communication and it is of utmost importance that we make good use of our wardrobe colors and personal grooming.

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Section 1: Introduction

  • 1 Introduction 03:03 Gives background on why this PPT is important

Section 2: Overview and Employee Pyramid

  • 2 Overview and Employee Pyramid 07:44 Background + describes the employee pyramid and impact of that on the No. of jobs
  • 3 Recruitment Process 07:08 Describes the rercruitment process in large organizations and how it has an impact on our startegies
  • 4 Standing out in Crowd - Why Stand out in the crowd 07:52 Describes the strategies that can be used to stand out in a crowd and get invited for interviews

Section 3: Making your CV Stand Out

  • 5 Making your CV stand out and Applying thru Referrals to stand out 10:44 Describes the strategies that can be used to stand out in a crowd and get invited for interviews
  • 6 Strategies to ensure your CV gets noticed by recruiters 05:22 Describes the strategies that can be used to stand out in a crowd and get invited for interviews
  • 7 Additional Tips and how to seek lateral movement 05:01 Describes the strategies that can be used to stand out in a crowd and get invited for interviews


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