International Human Resource Management

International Human Resource Management

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In all these Multi-national Corporations, HRM is a key to success. For the vast majority of organizations, the cost of the people who do the work is the largest single item of operating costs. Increasingly, in the modern world, the capabilities and the knowledge incorporated in an organization’s human resources are the key to performance. So on both the cost and benefit sides of the equation, HRM is crucial to the survival, performance and success of the enterprise.

For international organizations, the additional complications of dealing with multicultural assumptions about the way people should be managed and differing institutional constraints become important contributors to the chances of that success. The need for human resource specialists to adopt an increasingly international orientation in their functional activities is widely acknowledged and becoming ever clearer. It is important not just to people working in the giant MNEs, but also to many in small to medium-size enterprises (SMEs).

IHRM has traditionally examined the way in which international organizations manage their human resources across these different national contexts. Early research in the field of IHRM reflected that in the broader field of international management, and focused on the role of MNCs and MNEs. Research has since focused on understanding those HRM functions that had to change when firms went international. Finding and nurturing the people able to implement international strategy was seen as critical for such firms, and considerable attention was given to the management of expatriates. The organization that manages people in different institutional, legal, and cultural circumstances has to be aware not only of what is allowed and not allowed in the different nations and regions of the world, but also of what makes for cost-effective management practices.

Through this course you will be learning about difference between domestic HRM & international HRM, also about context of cross-alliances and small medium enterprises, learning about staffing international operations for sustained global growth, how to recruit & select staff for international assignments, international training & development, understanding about performance management of international employees, also about international industrial relations and learning about complexity, challenges & various other trends has to be faced under international human resource management.

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Section 1: International Training & Development

  • 1 Introduction to international training and development 08:58 Through this video tutorial you will be learning about introduction to international training and development
  • 2 Components of Pre-departure training 08:38 Through this video tutorial you will understand what are the components of pre-departure training
  • 3 The effectiveness of pre-departure training 01:58 Through this video tutorial you will learn the effectiveness of pre-departure training

Section 2: International Compensation

  • 4 International approaches to compensation 07:58 Through this video tutorial you will be learning about concepts, objectives, components and factors of international approaches to compensation
  • 5 Approaches to International Staffing 08:25 Through this video tutorial you will be learning about ethnocentric - what is it , advantages & disadvantages, Polycentric approaches - what is its advantages & disadvantages; Geocentic approaches - its meaning , advantages & disadvantages
  • 6 Recruitments and Selecting staff for international operations 09:34 Through this video tutorial you will be learning about selection criteria of expatriates and factors moderating performance


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