Glycoprotein Methods And Protocols: The Mucins (Hb)

Glycoprotein Methods And Protocols: The Mucins (Hb)

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Anthony P. Corfield and a group of hands-on expermentalists bring together in Glycoprotein Methods and Protocols: The Mucins a state-of-the-art collection of reliable and tested methods for the study of all aspects of mucins. These powerful methods range from the preparation of mucins to their detection and quantitation with molecular biological and biochemical reagents. Also included are methods for the assessment of mucin peptide and carbohydrate, of mucin biosynthesis and degradation, and of mucin bacteriology and cell biology. The techniques take advantage of the latest improvements in sensitivity and specificity of detection, and in the preparation of new reagents for specific biochemical detection. Glycoprotein Methods and Protocols: The Mucins offers todays researchers a complete range of readily reproducible analytical techniques for studying mucins. Its powerful techniques constitute a launching pad for those entering the field for the first time and a state-of-the-art collection for those already active in mucin research.

   Isbn  9780896037205
   Subject  Health &
   Publisher  Springer
   Author  Corfield A. P.
   Published Year  2000
   Stream  Health,Medical


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