Global Purchasing And Supply Management: Fulfill The Vision, 2/E

Global Purchasing And Supply Management: Fulfill The Vision, 2/E

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Achieving the promise of e-business Two divergent approaches exist in purchasing and supply management organizations today, which give at least the perception of conflicting direction: 1. Some organizations, counseled by consultants and e-procurement software suppliers, but without a clear understanding of current actual procurement processes, have implemented expensive systems with the expectations of tremendous savings and spectacular supply chain improvements. The results often havent lived up to the claims. 2. Many buyers and purchasing managers, failing to grasp the potential benefits from e-procurement, have resisted change, and not given their full support to system improvements. Those who have delayed have missed the opportunities of vastly improved processes and supplier contributions. Both have valid viewpoints, but neither has delivered on the true promise of supply chain improvements, so the lessons of this book should benefit both. Active supporters of e-procurement can benefit from understanding the nuts and bolts approach to the fundamental supply management processes in a global context. Moreover, buyers and their managers with a better vision of the future will be better prepared to adapt to and support the needed changes.

   Isbn  9781402078163
   Subject  Management And Commerce
   Publisher  Springer
   Author  Pooler V.H.
   Published Year  2004


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