Getting It Right: Teacher Support Pack Skills Book 2

Getting It Right: Teacher Support Pack Skills Book 2

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This teachers support pack is one of a series of support materials and textbooks designed to help pupils to develop their IT capability and apply ICT across all subject areas. It aims to explain how to use word processing, spreadsheet, database, control, graphics and communications software as well as how to solve problems and develop IT capability, including the use of ICT to find things out, to develop ideas and make things happen, to share information and to review, modify and evaluate work as it progresses. This pack provides a wide range of support resources for pupils and teachers including: Units of work (Lesson plans), worksheets (support and extension) and cross-curricular applications. Assessment resources are unit tasks, assessment checklists and evaluation sheets.

   Isbn  9780748744244
   Subject  Computer Science
   Publisher  Misclenious Publishers
   Author  Misc
   Published Year  2000
   Stream  Computer


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