Genetic Susceptipility To Infectious Diseases

Genetic Susceptipility To Infectious Diseases

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Infectious diseases are commonly regarded as a distinct category, with different causes and patterns than chronic or genetic disease. But in fact there are many varieties of genetic susceptibility to infection, the subject of this book, which will be divided into three sections: 1) concepts and methods, 2) genes and pathophysiologic mechanisms, and 3) infectious agents and diseases. This text uniquely focuses on the genetic aspects of the special relationship between host and pathogen in the way envisioned for Section 1, and deals systematically with the sequence variation/function relationships most pertinent to infection as planned for Section 2. Section 3 provides a meaningful picture of how these genes operate in infectious disease.

   Isbn  9780195174908
   Subject  Health &
   Publisher  Oxford University Press
   Author  Kaslow R.A.
   Published Year  2008
   Stream  Medical


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