Eureka Plus Bringing Science to Life- 3

Eureka Plus Bringing Science to Life- 3

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Eureka Plus - is a science series in conformity with the NCF 2005 for classes 1-8. this series delivers the targeted learning outcomes through numerous enjoyable activities, which create a productive learning environment to hone scientific temper in students.

Highlight :

  • Structured lessons leading to easy achievement of learning objective 
  • Higher order thinking skills (HOTS) question to explore exiting conceptes and compare them in the context of new ideas 
  • Well-thought-out formative assessment (FAs) women into the lesson
  • End- of semester summative assessment (FAs)
  • Comprehensive teacher's handbook with lesson plans, extension activites rubrics for assessment and evaluation and answer scheme.


   Isbn  9789350594834
   Board  CBSE
   Standard  class3
   Binding  Paper Back
   Language  English


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