Effective Communication Skills - Verbal & Non-verbal

Effective Communication Skills - Verbal & Non-verbal

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Imagine if you knew how to Confidently start a conversation with anyone, Gracefully introduce others, be a connector, Dine elegantly at posh restaurants. Get the job or raise you deserve, Dress to impress, Create an unforgettable first impression etc.

This course will help you achieve all of them and much more. The course will cover the followings: Self Confidence, Self Introductions; Conducting other Introductions Conducting yourself at Social / Business; Casual or Formal occasions Body Language: Facial Gestures, Postures Starting Conversations, Listening Skills and how to continue conversations Learn to exchange Business Cards, Handshakes and local Customs Tip to Toe Grooming, Image, Poise, Charm, attracting others. Dress Codes to Impress: Casual, Semi Formal, Formal; Colours, Styles, Accessories Fine Dining & Wining: Be a gracious host or guest Practical training and multi course meals Voice, Speech, Diction, Pronunciation and Accent training Learning Diplomacy & Assertiveness, Compliments & Criticism etc. Handling yourself at Public Places and Events and networking with others. Electronic exchange: Telephone & Cell Etiquette, Email How to create lasting relationships by Gifting & Thanking Be More Confident, Impressive and Admired. Feel like a ’great personality’.

Academic knowledge is not enough. Experience International Finishing School and Soft Skills training Make Positive and Powerful Impressions For Personal & Professional Success. This personality development course is a result of years of work and countless hours of feedback from students. To really understand and teach what each individual wants out of this course that can be used in their daily lives right from day one.

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   Stream  Marketing
   Duration  2 Hours
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   Language  English
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Section 1: Introduction

  • 1 Introduction & Objective Of The Training 03:43 Introduction, Objective of the training, Definition & the communication process

Section 2: Effective Communication Skills

  • 2 The Communication Process 05:31 the communication process
  • 3 3 V’s Of communication 09:34 3 V’s of communication, moat common ways to communicate, types of communication, Hearing Vs. Listening & Body Language
  • 4 Body Language 09:57 Body Language, Feature & benefits of effective communication

Section 3: Barriers To Communication

  • 5 Barriers To Communication Overview 06:58 Barriers to communication
  • 6 Assumptions, Emotions, Language Differences 07:00 Barriers to communication
  • 7 Cultural Differences, Poor Listening Skills 09:02 Barriers to communication

Section 4: Tips For Improving Communication

  • 8 Active Listening 08:46 Active Listening
  • 9 Tips For Improving Verbal Communication 07:36 Tips for improving Verbal Commuication
  • 10 Appropriate Body Language, Question, Humor 06:02 Tips for improving Verbal Commuication
  • 11 Tips For Improving Written Commuication 08:53 Tips for improving Written Commuication


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