EduSaksham Class 9 - Maths

EduSaksham Class 9 - Maths

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A simplified and innovative online course to strengthen foundations in Class 9 - Maths. The online worksheets help to practice questions and develop High Order Thinking skills (HOTS). Track and identify the strong and focus areas through the performance. The worksheets are scientifically designed on content prescribed by NCERT, then using the analytical approach to build long-lasting learnings.

- 100+ Topic wise friendly online worksheets, practice sets & challenge sets for every chapter for Class 9 - Maths  

- The problems are created in MCQ format

- Detailed explanations are given for each question

- Developed by Academic Experts based on curriculum prescribed by CBSE

- Difficulty Levels viz. Easy, Medium and Hard for each test and question

- Short notes of concepts and formulas for quick revision

- Easy to monitor students performance through advanced analytics

- Self-paced learning for improved performance

   Subject  Maths
   Standard  Class 9
   Board  CBSE
   Mode Of Delivery  Online


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