EduSaksham Class 5 - Maths Olympiad

EduSaksham Class 5 - Maths Olympiad

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An innovative and scientifically designed set of online worksheets for Class 5 - Maths Olympiad. Academic Experts have crafted the worksheets as per the Olympiad standard. The worksheets intend to check the performance level, identify the strong and focus areas, then using the analytical approach to build long-lasting learnings & desired IQ.

- 35+ chapter wise worksheets explained with detailed solutions for Class 5 - Maths Olympiad

- Suitable for various Olympiad and talent exams

- Covers all 4 sections- Mathematical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, Achievers Section and Full Length Mock Tests

- The problems are created in MCQ format (Olympiad format)

- Easy to monitor students performance through advanced analytics

- Self-paced learning for improved performance

   Subject  Maths Olympiad
   Standard  Class 5
   Board  CBSE
   Mode Of Delivery  Online


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