E-Class 2nd Standard Semi-English Medium Educational Memory Card (Maths, Balbharti, My English)

E-Class 2nd Standard Semi-English Medium Educational Memory Card (Maths, Balbharti, My English)

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E-Class 2nd Standard Semi-English Medium Memory Card for Android (Maths,Balbharti,My english) Medium: Semi-English Subject Covered: Maths, Balbharti, My English Description: Smart phones have replaced the old traditional mobile phones and today every house has a smartphone. With the introduction of cheap and economical android smartphones in the market, android phones and tablets have become very popular among students. Typically these devices are used to access internet, YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp and other applications. But what if these smartphones can be turned into devices which can impart education? We have launched our android memory cards for these smart devices so that each and every device can play our memory card content and provide education. By simply connecting a memory card to these phones, students can start learning on these devices. Entire educational content is available on this small memory card, it is available for 1st to 10th standard in English, Marathi and semi-English. Each standard has a memory card which can be plugged in any android device and students can start learning. It covers entire textbook index, mindmap, question and answers. The entire content is audio-video and each chapter is explained in detail. We can even provide android tablets if required. How to Use: Buy the memory card and insert inside the phone/tablet. Install the Eclass software. Open the Eclass software and start learning instantly. Plug and play card. Benefits: Very easy to install and use. Memory card is small and compact and can be carried anywhere. Contains entire chapter which can be viewed any number of times. Each chapter is explained in detail with videos, audio, animations and pictures. Textbook based content so that students do not have to search for content. Covers entire index and has all science practicals, history events, geography maps and more. Make the most of the investment made for the phone. Parents can give their android phone and devices to their children and let them study on them, thus making the most of their devices. Small investment which will guarantee increased result in examination. Validation Date:30th April 2017 Board: Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Pune Operating System: Windows Hardware requirements: Cell-Phone/Tablets Format: Memory Card

   Product Type  Memory Card
   Class  2


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