Dynam Electrikit

Dynam Electrikit

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Have you wondered about what actually makes a bulb glows when you put on the switch? Have you ever wondered what actually makes the bell ring when you go visiting a friend? I’m sure many of you know the general principle in theory. Some of you may also have seen your teachers conduct a few experiments in your school laboratory. Now would you like to create an experiment yourself that will actually make a bulb glow? Or make a bell ringCreate a quiz where a bulb glows with every correct answer?

Here, then, is the Dynam Electrikit. It has 60 experiments that you can conduct all by yourself, with the help of a detailed Instruction Manual. The experiments cover the following areas:

  • General Principles of Current Flow
  • Permanent Magnets
  • Temporary Magnets and General Principles of Magnetism
  • Measuring Instruments
  • Miscellaneous
  • Applications


Advantages of the Dynam Electrikit

  • With the wonderful Dynam Electrikit, you can make concepts that you learn at school, a reality, by building the experiments yourself.
  • The Dynam Electrikit has taken care of every minute detail, so that you can work on your experiments smoothly, without budging from your worktable for anything! Not even for a pin, a rubber band or sand paper!! And, remember, every single part has already been tried and tested. Every experiment has been assembled and works 100%.
  • In fact, Dynam has won patents for some of the products/components used in this kit, both for its simplicity in design and efficiency in operation!
  • The Dynam Electrikit comes to you with an Instruction Manual. The manual has been designed to help you progress smoothly from the first, simple experiment to the very last, complex experiment.
  • There are totally 60 experiments in your Dynam Electrikit. They have been progressively graded – from the very simple, to the more complex.  We recommend that you proceed with the experiments in this order.
  • The manual uses very simple language, which can be easily understood by a child.
  • At the start of each experiment, you have a list of parts required for the experiment, so that you can get them together at one time, and then build your experiment in a smooth, uninterrupted fashion.
  • Each experiment has a very clear, step-by-step explanation on how to build your experiment as well as how to operate it.
  • It also gives you details of what happens/what you can expect to see, and why, at each stage.
  • Each experiment has a clear diagram, which you can use as a guide to build your experiment. It also has a simplified, schematic diagram of the circuit.
  • Thus, it takes care of every type of child. Someone who can work with just a diagram, to someone to is comfortable with only a step-by-step explanation, to someone who wants both!
  • Each experiment also has a special section of easy-to-digest, “take-away information” that will help you remember something important.
  • Important memory tools like pneumonics, diagrams, associations, examples and practical applications have been used, to help you make the right connections and easily embed important information in your memory.

 There are special sections to help you get the best out of your kit. For instance, there are sections on:

  • How to care for your Dynam Electrikit
  • Tips for getting the best out of your Dynam Electrikit
  • Words of caution
  • A Comprehensive Components Chart
  • A Chart on Symbols for Schematic Diagrams, etc.



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