Cursive Strokes-2

Cursive Strokes-2

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There is nothing more precious in this world than our children, 
and nothing more enjoyable than happy children. We, at 
Amity, understand. Having nurtured thousands of children over the last decade, we know exactly what excites them and how
they learn best. This is our biggest strength and is reflected in all
Amity Happy Hour Books.
We have developed the Happy Amity Hour Books based upon years of research
on learning processes and the synergy between the teacher, child and parent. We are sure you
will enjoy teaching from our Happy Hour Books and children will love the experience.
We are passionate about young children. Happy children. Surely, you are too. So let us work together and fulfill your dreams. Our dreams, for our children.

   Isbn  9798180110770
   Board  CBSE
   Standard  class2
   Binding  Paper Back
   Language  English


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