Clinical Research, Hospital & Healthcare Management

Clinical Research, Hospital & Healthcare Management

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The course is all about managing and handling a healthcare unit or a hospital.

  • It deals with healthcare financing ,economics, layout, managing and maintaining a healthcare unit. It involves liasioning with government and corporate bodies and non-governmental organizations and having a befitting role in the healthcare sector.
  • It teaches to incorporate principles of management ,emotional quotient principles, lateral thinking and neurolinguistic programming and spiritual quotient principles in running a healthcare unit.
  • It believes in team work rather than the dominant style of management and believes that no one is perfect and we are in different states of mind when it comes to different situations and areas of knowledge.
  • It believes in participative style of management where even a sweeper of the hospital has the right to prove and place his or her opnion.
  • In the healthcare sector where there are lives of people at stake there is no place for ignorance and mistakes. It involves practical training in a hospital or healthcare unit or internship and project work to give hands on training to students.
  • It also teaches basics of Information Technology as the world is now becoming a cyber world and is growing smaller and smaller and we can chat ,talk,video conference with people around the world and have contacts and friends around the world with whom we can chat and seek advice and opinion. 
  • It promotes self belief and self confidence to venture out in the world as a capable worker and leader and teaches to make rational and holistic judgements and decisions.
  • It teaches about marketing in the healthcare sector and how it can be done to reach the potential customers without cheating or bargaining. Students can also get a job in the pharmaceutical sector where profit margins are nearly 100% and pay packages are hefty .
  • It teaches about national health programs launched by the government and their overall effect on the population of our country. 
  • It also teaches about the healthcare sector of other countries and their mode of functioning such that students can seek a job abroad.
  • It motivates the students to look beyond the horizons and set a goal of higher purpose of existence rather than being selfish and self centred individuals in the band wagon.
  • It also teaches time management as in hospitals every second counts and is the difference between life and death.
  • It also teaches about material management as hospitals and pharma sector have to deal with depreciable and non depreciable instrument and items and hygiene and safety are of prime importance rather than the hospitality sector.

As global warming is increasing and pollution is going beyond limits ,newer and newer bacteria and fungi and viruses are taking birth and diseases are increasing manifold by the wink and hence the health care sector has to face many trials and tribulations and derive newer and newer molecules where old diseases like tuberculosis and leprosy have not yet left the world,vaccines are becoming impotent and immaterial.

We are in the times where robotic surgeries and pinhole surgeries are becoming fashionable and prevalent on one hand and on the other hand infectious diseases are still ruling the roost in the poor. It is a time where lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hypertension and depression are gaining epidemic proportions and their care and cure is becoming a challenge for the healthcare sector.

Target Customers:



·Anyone who wants to learn about the working of healthcare sector


·Science, Pharma, Medical Graduation ·Commerce or Arts Graduation with five years of experience in the healthcare sector

·Passion to learn

Course Objective: To study a completely new program and to enhance your knowledge by learning new concepts of healthcare and hospital sector and get or manage a job in the healthcare sector effectively,efficiently and achieve perfection.

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   Duration  1 Hour
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Section 1: Introduction

  • 1 Introduction 07:20 role of clinical research in healthcare sector

Section 2: Role of Clinical Research in Healthcare Sector

  • 2 Role of clinical research in healthcare sector 05:05 role of clinical research in healthcare sector
  • 3 Research and Studies 08:46 role of clinical research in healthcare sector
  • 4 Different Infections and Studies 06:49 role of clinical research in healthcare sector
  • 5 Clinical Research Studies Continues 10:51 role of clinical research in healthcare sector

Section 3: Role of Insurance in Healthcare Sector

  • 6 Insurance 11:50 role of insurance in healthcare sector


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