Business Intelligence (bi) Publisher For Siebel CRM

Business Intelligence (bi) Publisher For Siebel CRM

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Oracle XML Publisher (XMLP) is Oracle Corporation’s latest reporting technology. It was originally developed to solve the reporting problems faced by Oracle Applications. It has been integrated into most of Oracle Products including JD Edwards EnterpriseOne application 8.12and Peoplesoft Enterprise 9, and as a standalone version, XML Publisher Enterprise with no dependency on Oracle Application. When XML Publisher became part of the Oracle BI Enterprise Edition Suite it was re-branded as Oracle BI Publisher. BI Publisher separates the creation of data from the process of formatting it for different uses.

The engine can format any well-formed XML data, allowing integration with any system that can generate XML, including Web Services or any data source available through JDBC. BI Publisher can merge multiple data sources into a single output document. Oracle BI Publisher is the reporting solution to author, manage, and deliver all your reports and documents easier and faster than traditional reporting tools. Use your web browser or familiar desktop tools to create everything from pixel-perfect customer facing documents to interactive management reports against practically any data source. View reports online or schedule them and deliver tens of thousands of documents per hour with minimal impact to transactional systems.

The Oracle Business Intelligence applications support more than ten different functional areas through fully integrated best practices for analysis, key performance indicators metrics and workflows for analysis. Oracle Business Intelligence provides access to key information to everyone in the organization who has the required rights, thereby ensuring a solid basis for making faster and better business decisions related to optimizing the use of resources, reducing costs, improving operations, etc., in a wide range of processes - from sales through human resource management to purchasing. Excellent tool to learn to value-add to Siebel Development and Configuration

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Section 1: Overview of Business Intelligence

  • 1 Introduction to BIP 04:58 - Through this video tutorial you will be learning about introduction to Buisness Intelligence Process
  • 2 User Types 03:53 - Through this video tutorial you will be learning about User Types
  • 3 Running Modes 06:32 - Through this video tutorial you will be learning about running modes
  • 4 Learning about BIP Add-Ins 07:26 - Through this video tutorial you will be learning about Business Inteliigence Process Add-Ins

Section 2: Understanding about Report Overivew

  • 5 How Siebel creates Report 07:07 - Through this video tutorial you will be learning about how siebel creates report
  • 6 Customized Reports Overview 06:26 - Through this video tutorial you will be learning about customized reports overview
  • 7 Developing Reports Overview 04:19 - Through this video tutorial you will be learning about Developing Reports Overview


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