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Big Data Training

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We bring you the course on “Introduction to Big Data & Hadoop” to understand today’s challenge about the data trend and why it is easier for people to access the data so that they can gain insights and make better decisions. By providing access to broader sets of information, big data can help maximize the analytical insights generated by data analysts and business users. Successful big data analyt¬ics applications uncover trends and patterns that enable better decision making, point to new revenue opportunities and keep companies ahead of their business rivals. Whatever type of big data technology stack a company deploys, there are some common considerations that must be addressed to en¬sure it will provide an effective framework for big data analysis efforts.

There has never been a more exciting time with respect to the world of data. We are seeing the convergence of significant trends that are fundamentally transforming the industry and a new era of tech innovation in areas such as social, mobile, advanced analytics, and machine learning. We’re seeing an explosion of data where there is an entirely new scale and scope to the kinds of data we are trying to gain insights from. How the Apache Hadoop framework comes in the picture when implementing Big Data solutions.

Hadoop systems and NoSQL databases have become key tools for managing big data envi¬ronments. The entire ecosystem, along with its supporting projects provides the users a highly reliable, fault tolerant framework that can be used for massively parallel distributed processing of unstructured and semi-structured data. In many cases, though, businesses are utilizing their existing data warehouse in¬frastructure, or a combination of the new and old technologies, to manage the big data flow¬ing into their systems.

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Lecture 1: Introduction to Big Data

Lecture 2: Implications of big data analytics and artificial intelligence

Lecture 3: How Big Data needs to be contextualized

Lecture 4: Avoid being overwhelmed by Big Data

Lecture 5: Short case study on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.


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