Basic Cloud Computing Using Amazon AWS

Basic Cloud Computing Using Amazon AWS

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This is a self paced learning course where we will provide you study materials in the form of PDF’s and Videos and along with a Certification Exam. Students will get certificate from Cognitel Training Services Private Limited.

This Course has the following objectives: - The concepts and terminologies around Cloud Computing - The cloud service models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) - The cloud service providers - Amazon AWS Infrastructure Amazon AWS EC2 Amazon S3 and Glacier Amazon Relation Database Service (RDS) - Virtual Private Cloud.

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  •  Introduction to Cloud Computing
  •  Cloud Characteristics  
  •  Cloud Deployment Models(Public/Private/Hybrid Clouds)
  •  Cloud Service Models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)
  •  Cloud Service Providers
  •  AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, HP etc
  •  Migration to Cloud
  •  Challenges
  •  Security in the Cloud
  •  Introduction to Amazon AWS Infrastructure \
  •  Compute on the Cloud (Amazon AWS EC2)
  •  AMIs, Elastic Block Store, Security Groups etc
  •  Storage on the Cloud
  •  Amazon S3 and Glacier
  •  Amazon Relation Database Service
  •  RDS
  •  Virtual Private Cloud - Subnets, Routing, Internet Gateways etc
  •  Identity and Access Management
  •  Automated Application Deployment
  •  Elastic Beanstalk
  •  Monitoring the Cloud
  •  CloudWatch


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